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Sep 13, 2012 6:00am EDT
. and wait until you hear her excuse. >> quite a bit of excitement in the streets of los angeles in one naked. we're going to tell you -- neighborhood. we're going to tell you what has people running out into the streets despite the police cars whizzing by. >> the trend of dry weather is ending. i'll tell you when we could see rain coming up. >> well, a lot of congestion right now on 695 here at old court road. what 95 and 83 look like coming up on "good morning maryland." >> eight minutes after 6:00 right now. you're looking at a live picture of new york city's times square. quiet there right now. let's head it there for today's techbytes. >> reporter: in today's techbytes, apple unveils the iphone 5 which it calls the world's thinnest smart phone. the device features a larger display, a more advanced camera and a smaller dock connector. editor joanna stern got a firsthand look. >> the new hardware design it looks similarth iphone 4s but it's really really sleek and thinner and lighter in hand. and it's got a bigger screen. >> reporter: now the iphone 5 hits stores a week from tomorrow. >>>
Sep 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
of the yankees. baltimore opened a cushion over the los angeles angels for the coked al wild -- second al wild card spot. o's take on the mariners tonight, game time is 10:10. >>> post season tickets now go on sale on saturday morning at 10:00. however, there are ways to get in on the presale. you can enter for your chance to get in on the presale at season. if you are chosen, you will receive an email with the presale info, exclusive sale starts on thursday, at 2:00. >>> any minutes, a french court is expected to decide whether to block publication of topless photos of kate middleton. these are live pictures, the family wants to stop a french magazine from putting out anymore of the images after publishing 14 of them on friday. >>> who has the possibility of 400 years in prison? a man convicted of abusing countless young boys k jerry sandusky. the details straight ahead. >>> the storys offer hope and courage. we will hear from local cancer survives. we have details on how to help straight ahead. >>> most of us remember the first car, but today reminiscing about your toyota ce
Sep 19, 2012 6:00am EDT
: cecelia vega, abc news, los angeles. >>> a texas mother is upset about the punishment her child received at school. she says she gave the school permission to paddle her son if he misbehaved. however, she claims he got more than just a few swats. she says her son was paddled so hard that he had to go to a doctor. >> when you paddle a child, you pop their behind, you don't abuse them. this was abuse. this was so bad that they left bruises. >> the mom wants those who paddled her son to be fired. police and school officials looked into the allegations, and they say that all the procedures were properly followed. >>> have you ever started thinking about saving for your kids' college? start now. a list of the most exepsive room and board -- expensive room and board fees are out. this may help you decide where your kid are not going to school. >>> take a look at these long lines going on right now. you might wait too if you asked -- with gas for $1.84, but this is a mistake. we'll tell you why gas is so cheap at this station. >>> from the high tech to old school, we're going to look at a lis
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
on how to help. and as we head to break, you are looking live at a lovely los angeles california 62 degrees there today right now. lynette will let us know how our weather is shaping up when we come back. for the dreame. and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. pnc bank. i'll have the build your own burger with a...n? sunny-side up egg, jack cheese, jill. and, uh... make it a double. inspiration can come from anywhere. build your own burgers are now at denny's. so i get claritin clear. this is all bayberry. bayberry pollen. very allergenic. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. live claritin clear. >>> thairks to -- thanks for joining a big convenient this sunday runners and walkers -- event this sunday. runners and walkers will raise money for
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4